The Cost

Count the cost

He counted the cost – His life, but still took to the cross and paid the price – His life, so that we could be called His sons.

This blogging thing is new to me. Consistency is new to me. Discipline is almost new to me. We live in a world and are part of a generation that believes spontaneous is adventurous and random is exciting. We have shoved the importance of planning on the back seat and have taken spontaneous to be synonymous with young. That is why consistency and discipline are almost new to me. I am learning them in a different light; in light of the Word and away from the stereotypical characteristics of our generation. It is hard, but it is liberating. It is painful, but it yields sweet fruit and above all else, fruit that lasts. But it comes at a price. Everything comes at a price.

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Genesis 12:1

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I WILL shew thee:

Change in one area often comes as a breath of fresh air. Even when the change is uncomfortable, then it is more bearable because the consistency of the other areas balances out the change. A wave of change on the other hand, sweeps everything in its path. It leaves most stones turned so that those unturned stick out like sore thumbs. Sometimes, that is the face that radical takes on. Sometimes, that is what it means to trust and obey even though it scarcely makes sense.

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“Authenticity is hard to come by. In a world that perpetuates subjectivity, that nothing is absolute, it is even harder to find authenticity because it can only be called so by the standards of the perceiver.” Anonymous

It is always…..usually…….often my desire to speak life. By definition, life is God’s Word, His promises, His declarations over our lives as Christians, regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. I desire to speak truth and hope even in that truth because truly, how can there be no truth in hope? I desire to speak what is not yet as though it already is. Is it not beautiful that The Lord, seated on The Throne in eternity, is not confined to time? What is ‘not yet’ to us is ‘already’ to Him; No number line characterizing the sequence of events because He simply does not ‘live’ in time. I believe that is one of the deepest revelations that can free us from doubt and unbelief and thrust us into an immediate realm of faith; the ‘now, living, active’ kind of faith. But are there not times that things feel or appear so bleak that even a desire to speak life feels like a cliché or another theory floating somewhere in the air and it never quite lands; it never quite settles; it never quite feels authentic?

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