He who begun this good work….

It’s been a pretty long minute….. so long that it has been two months. *shrieks* But we are back and hopefully more consistent with posting……

Have you ever been at that point where you know what God says in His Word but you forget that it applies to you because you are not feeling it? I want to go about describing just how easy it is to forget and fall into the mundane of life with no expectations, no grand dreams and just the desire to get to the end of the day; everyday. Instead, I feel a nudge, despite my desire to paint a vivid picture, that the bible says the just shall live by faith, not feelings. But I immediately want to ask how I can believe when I desire to but can’t get my mind around to conceiving the idea or my heart to flex the hope muscles; when I can’t get my spirit to resuscitate my soul from what feels like a severe form of apathy that refuses to recognize its existence. Still I feel a nudge, despite my question, that the just shall live by faith, not feelings, or lack thereof. Although feeling is an aspect of faith, for how can I hope unless I can perceive it with my heart, it is not the basis of it. Faith is trusting in the character of God. Selah. Continue reading “He who begun this good work….”