There’s Much to say about Womanhood

There’s Much to say about Womanhood

Yesterday was International Women’s Day in some time zones. For some, it is today. Either way, Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies!

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I got this 7-year old piece from the archives…..


Shall we compare her to a summer’s day?/

Or noon in spring when flowers should bloom?/

For sure, she is beautiful/

But like a rose bush she grows thorns,/ those that prick and prod/

It’s like a gold ring in a pig’s snout./

Though pleasing to the eye, she is stinging to the ear/

She kills and wounds/ with her words not carefully brewed/

She larks in the dark,/ eager to attack

She hunts and preys on men of God/

Watching as their lives unfold/

She waits for Potiphar to leave so she can have her kill/

She lulls him to sleep then calls the Philistines to shave him clean/

She is a woe man has to deal with/

She’s a disgrace to the descent of Eve.//


Your dad may have cut you deep with whatever he did/

So you seek security in ‘pesa paps’/

In loaded grandfathers; not your own but others’/ who will buy you that sleek Benz or Vitz./

You feel secure because SAM SUNG you a song with NO KEY-A miss/

Or because unlike Steve HU ran AWEI, Sam will stay/

Or because every night your beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder/

I want to remind you that security is only in the Father/

He calls you daughter and seeks to eternally glue those hopes that have been shattered/

He loves you – you are the apple of His cornea/ so fall into His arms and surrender.//


(Now can we talk about these deceiving, misguided beliefs we uphold though we still hear the truth?

And if sounding like a broken record will eventually tear the blindfolds from our eyes then so be it!)


I am not a stereotype, I am not a statistic/

The answer is not in Tyra or Oprah Winfrey/

Or a host of talk show hosts who always have just the right dose for the ailing ones./

The answer is at Christ’s feet/

Like Mary, there we should sit and glean./

My beauty does not increase as the night grows older and the morning edges closer,/

As my heels go higher and or our dresses grow shorter and necklines plunge deeper/

My beauty is in obeying Christ-/

In seeking an ageless gentle and quiet spirit/

In knowing that purity is not because of lack of opportunity/

But a realization that compromise and conformity/ only spell out spiritual suicide./

It’s in knowing that a conscious decision with grace on my side/

Leads to a head-held-high walk down the aisle to the altar regardless of whether SAMANTHA got the BRIDAL petals right.//


So ladies, let us emulate this woman of Christ in our generation-

Like Ruth, Esther, Mary, Dorcas and Eunice, she is virtuous/

With noble intent she lives- now that is purpose/

Her past does not define her future, only God’s will for her life does./

She is the Mary Magdalene of her century and is not int-Himidated/

She knows God is not just another village elder who will overlook her for her gender/ He will call and equip her for His service any day and date./

She lives as God designed her and not as evolving standards dictate/

She is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold/

The kind of woman who has Adam sold/

The kind that causes him to break into poetry.//



Last week we touched on love and how our love for others must flow from the love of Christ. This week we catch a glimpse of another kind of overflow.

Picture this: A lecturer always walks into class with only the knowledge that he acquired during his undergraduate studies. This means that all the information he relays to students from different classes is the same. There is nothing new. He doesn’t know about how far the subject matter has come since he graduated many years ago. He doesn’t know of any research that has been conducted. He only goes back to the books or to his fellow lecturers to look for an answer if Continue reading “Overflow…”

True Love Is…

True Love Is…

 For God so loved the world that…..

We have all been bombarded by the ‘wave of Valentine’s Day’ since 12th January. You know how stores tend to go straight from Christmas to Valentine’s because there is no holiday in January? We have red decorations, teddy bears, chocolate and flowers everywhere. I have never been a fan of the ‘commercialized love’ day myself. Probably because the bulk of society misrepresents what love should be. But that’s not why I’m here. For me, February 14th always comes along with John 3:16. It may sound cliché, but I don’t think a year has passed when this bible verse doesn’t take center stage during my Valentine’s Day. After all, God is love so it must start with Him.

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Pray for the Persecuted

Pray for the Persecuted

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I have been selfish. We have been selfish.


Because we have only been thinking about ourselves.

Most of us live in counties and countries where there is freedom of worship. We can own and read bibles openly, Christian Religious Education is still in some of our systems, we can pray openly and we have corporate worship without limitations. To us, this is normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Continue reading “Pray for the Persecuted”

The Snare of Busyness

The Snare of Busyness

Have you ever been in or seen a relationship where one partner treats the other like an item on a list of things to do? He only meets her when he happens to be in the vicinity. She carefully fixes him into her schedule so she forgoes nothing when she is with him. He is constantly on his phone when they are on a date. She only calls to ask him why he is late for the meet-up. He is always late doing something else but ever early when it comes to work engagements. Their dates are always tentative because she can bail to attend to something else at any moment. The list goes on and on. It’s easy to question the value that such a person places on the relationship. If you are on the receiving end, you feel taken for granted and unimportant. If you are the one dishing it out, it’s harder to see, especially when you are working to build a life for yourself (a business, a career, ministry).

Some of us treat God this way and don’t even know it. Continue reading “The Snare of Busyness”

How Do I Hear God?

How Do I Hear God?

This has to be one of the most popular questions in the Christian circle. Many are the times that people who are young in the faith wonder how to hear from God. Those who are also older in the faith might ask the same question if or when God’s voice no longer seems as clear. How do you discern His voice? How do you tell it apart from every other voice? So now that we are to hear and heed, how do we hear? Continue reading “How Do I Hear God?”