This thing called mercy…

I will never fully understand some things with my mind. That is a fact that I have come to accept. Some things I only understand with my heart, and even then, my heart may not have the words to express this understanding save it uses action.

There are things I cannot fully dissect and get to the core to find something that does not need further dissection. How can I exhaustively dissect grace? Or love? Or mercy? Just when I think I’ve grasped either I am presented with a situation that requires me to learn something new, only to realize that Continue reading “This thing called mercy…”


Broken Engleash



Have you ever not wanted to do something? Have you ever not wanted to do something so bad that just the thought of someone asking you to do it ruined your mood the whole day?

Well, I don’t like wanting to avoid doing something so bad that it affects me. Very few people may know this, but when I feel something it affects me wholly. Compartmentalization has never been a strong suit, well until recently. I used to get really

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