Hear and Heed

Hear and Heed

Today when you hear his voice,
don’t harden your hearts…

Have you ever listened to someone without hearing them? I’m sure that most know the feeling from some conversations you had with your parents as a teenager. They would talk, sometimes for hours on end and you would leave the room clueless about everything that was said. It was as if you were deaf in the moment. You also might have heard what was said but when it came down to implementation or follow through, you didn’t consider what your parents said.  As I read through the book of Hebrews, I see that the Israelites had a similar problem. They heard from God but had these obvious moments when difficulties arose and immediately amnesia would strike. Continue reading “Hear and Heed”


Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing

Allow me to add another goal/ desire or resolution to your list of things to do or change in the New Year: pray without ceasing.

On New Year’s Eve my friends and I were trying to request an Uber. I say trying because there was a whole discussion on the pickup location and the route to be used.  Somehow we ended up discussing how low the fares have gotten (relative to how much you used to pay for a cab about two years ago). The discussion then turned into how we feel bad paying that fare knowing the driver had gotten lost for like fifteen to twenty minutes: driving around, using up fuel with no one to compensate him for it. Then I wondered how these people get lost even after you have pinned your location, especially considering that the app automatically sends directions in a ‘map’. In other words, if this guy just followed the directions, he would not get lost. He knows this. Instead, he still opts to keep calling you for directions even though he has them. Others altogether turn off the GPS and then call you every two seconds to ask the same thing.

We often behave like these drivers in matters pertaining to our day-to-day lives. 

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The god of Entertainment

Someone I knew once said that our greatest undoing as human beings is that we get bored too easily. We are not wired for mundane. We always want something spectacular to make us feel alive and so we are easily distracted. The first time we see the sunrise our eyes grow bigger and well up with tears at this beauty; kind of like the cat in Shrek. One day, two days, three days later and we are no longer waking up to chase the sunrise. It reminds me of the common phrase, “Ooooh, something shiny…..” It reminds me of Dory in finding Nemo; how easily we are distracted and how easily we forget.

We read through the bible and see the children of Israel see the Red Sea part and walk on the sea bed as on dry land, only to push Aaron to make them a golden calf so they could worship it because Moses had stayed too long on the mountain. Continue reading “The god of Entertainment”

Fatherhood (Part One) – Apostle Paul


“They taught me that as long as I had a father in my life I should be satisfied. I believed them. It’s only when I woke up to the realization that his presence does not automatically mean that he is present that I discovered the lump in my throat, the pit in my stomach and the gaping hole in my life.”

A lot has been said about men in present day society. In fact, we have heard so much about the bad that even an example of the good reminds us of the percentage that still falls short of the standard. It’s like there is no winning. For a long time, the situation seemed mostly hopeless; no light at the end of the tunnel. We would need nothing short of a revolution to change the status quo. Now I don’t know if there has been a revolution, but I know that there is hope. 

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Do you have one of those friends? The kind who goes on and on about a function or event, gets everyone to attend but does not show up on the material day? I heard people call them flaky friends; not because they have dandruff or eat cornflakes for breakfast. 🙂 (I know. I know. That was really bad but I had to). Point is, you never want to be that flaky friend Continue reading “Signposts”